Places to visit

Vacation region Maifeld

Beautiful natural landscape on the rise from the Moselle to the Eifel. More information.

City of Münstermaifeld

Small town with medieval center, collegiate church. More information.

Eltz castle

The most famous castle in Germany located in a side valley of the Moselle. More information.

Pyrmont castle

Also in the valley of the Eltz lies Pyrmont Castle, an almost completely rebuilt castle. More information.

Burg Eltz

Volcano Park

A project around the volcanoes in our homeland with numerous sights and actions. Further information.


Medieval village where time seems to stand still. More information.


Center of the northern Eifel with almost completely preserved medieval city wall and castle in the middle of the city. The city is known for the special basalt deposits and a leading slate industry. More information.


Mendig was onces called the city of beer, because more than one hundred breweries were located there and stored their beer in the cool rock cellars during the summer months. More information.

Burg Pyrmont

Lake Laach

One of Germany's youngest volcanoes left a crater more than a kilometer in diameter when it erupted about 10,000 years ago. On the lake that now fills this crater is the famous Maria Laach Abbey and a natural history museum. More information.

Brohl valley

The Brohl Valley is considered an insider tip among archaeologists since unique rock finds can be made here. The valley is driven by a narrow-gauge railroad with passenger traffic. More information.


Formerly the capital of Germany, Bonn has a lot to offer. Worth seeing is the Museum Mile with the House of History. More information.


The city of Cochem with its Imperial Castle as well as a number of medieval buildings is always worth a visit. More information.

Laacher See


At the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle lies Koblenz. Worth seeing here are the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, the German Corner and various museums.
Somewhat up the Rhine is Stolzenfels Castle, a worthwhile visit. More information

Marksburg near Braubach

The Marksburg is one of the landmarks of the town of Braubach and was the only one of the medieval hill castles on the Middle Rhine never destroyed. More information.

King's chair in Rhens

On the left bank of the Rhine is the town of Rhens with its Old Town Hall and a lot of old buildings. Also, the King's chair. More information.

Bad Ems

The spa town of the last German emperors is Bad Ems, located on the Lahn River. More information.